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在职硕士研究生班 专业课程
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在职硕士研究生班  专业课程

Specialized Courses for On-the-job Master Degree Candidates Class


       The on-the-job postgraduate training program has been included in the key project of top talents training of Hong Kong Academy of Commerce. Based on the needs of training on-the-job senior managers, the main training majors in 2019 include Business Administration, Management, Digital Economics, International Finance and Psychology.


[Qualifications Required]

       1、具有全日制大学本科毕业、累计具备5年以上工作经历;1. Full-time undergraduates with a cumulative working experience of more than 5 years;


       2. Applicants with certificates of completion of junior college or undergraduate courses and with at least 8 years of senior management experience in enterprises.


       3. Senior managers or CEOs of large and medium-sized enterprises with annual turnover of over US$200 million are preferred.


[Course Features]


       ♦Academic education of EMBA postgraduates in Hong Kong, China, certified by International Authority and subject to teaching in Chinese/English;


       ♦Face to face with international outstanding authoritative scholars, professors, senior coaches and consultants of Fortune Global 500, study with elite classmates, and build a mutually beneficial platform for high-end interpersonal resources and information exchange.


       ♦Overseas study tour and visits available to add value to personal brand and professional capital.
       ♦提供助学贷款 并设立奖励制度;经中国工商银行批准,HKAC注册EMBA硕士研究生学籍,提供全额助学贷款。对成绩特优学员,可给予奖励。

       ♦Student loans available and incentive system established. With the approval of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, HKAC registers for EMBA postgraduates’ status, provides full student loans, and grants rewards to those who have excelled in their performance.


       ♦1.5 + 1 training mode: 1.5 years of on-the-job study in China and 1 year of full-time study in famous Australian schools. According to the study-abroad policy in that year, students can be issued Educational Qualification Certification for International Students by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and settled in Shanghai.


[Courses Offered]: Take Business Administration and International Finance as examples:


I. EMBA Specialized Course System


[Common Required Courses] (EMBA)


       Modern Enterprise Management Information System, Corporate Financial Management, Business Strategy Management, Marketing Management and Operating Decision (Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control), International Human Resource Management, Economic Research (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics), International Financial Management and Risk Research, and Case Studies on Major Issues of Contemporary International Innovative Enterprises.


[Optional Course Arrangement] (4 Optional Courses):


       Case Studies on Mergers and Acquisitions and Financial Crisis of Enterprises, Special Study on World Economy, Monetary Banking System Research, Global Business Strategy and Management, Literature Review and Topic Selection Reports, International Joint Ventures and Management Creativity, Enterprise Leaders and Outstanding Leadership Development, Technological Innovation and Venture Capital.


[Special Lectures]


       Compensation Design and Performance Management, Sand Table Simulation Practice, Corporate Stock Option Motivation Values, Methods and Tools, Business Model Optimization, Financing Roadshow, Mobile Classroom, Hot Lectures on Start-up, Alumni Events, Customized Back-to-school Courses, Public Welfare Classes, Lifelong Career Development.


II. On-the -job Financial MBA Course System


[On-the-job Core Courses for Domestic Finance Classes]:


        1. Management Elements Module: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Management Thinking and Communication, Global Economy and Business Environment, Operational Research, Investment Fund, and Special Studies on Finance, etc.


        2. Analytical Ability Module: Management Economics, Macroeconomics, Business Statistics, Decision-making Model under Uncertainty.


        3. Business Core Basic Module: Accounting, Marketing Management, Operation Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Management, Mergers and Acquisitions and Equity. Financial Management Module and Quantitative Finance Module.


        4. Basic Courses (Compulsory): Corporate Finance, Financial Market Institutions and Tools, Information System and Information Resource Management.


        5. Specialized Optional Courses: Integrated Management Module, Financial Management Module, Accounting and Finance Module, Quantitative Finance Module.


[Core Courses for Australian Study Classes]


        1. Management Elements Module: Management Thinking and Communication, Business Ethics, Business Communication, Global Economy and Business Environment.


        2. Analytical Ability Module: Business Statistics, Management Economics, Econometric Analysis.


        3. Business Basic Module: Accounting, Marketing Management, Operation Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Management.


        4. Characteristic Core Courses: International Financial Management, International Business, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, Financial Derivatives Analysis.


        5. Specialized Optional Courses: Integrated Management Module, Financial Management Module, Accounting and Finance Module, Quantitative Finance Module.


        Optional Elective Courses: Globalization Module, China Foundation Module, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Module, Postgraduate Public Welfare and the Second Classroom.


[Practice Investigation]


        In addition to 12 theme-based courses, Hong Kong Academy of Commerce will also organize lectures on popular topics, visits to and internships in major companies, thesis defense and graduation ceremonies. According to the students’ learning needs, they can participate in study tours to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as famous international enterprises and world-renowned schools in Europe before graduation.


[Reference Textbooks]

        We mainly use Chinese textbooks, including some translations of the original English textbooks. We also select the latest edition of relevant textbooks of famous schools in Hong Kong in recent years.

[Credits and Exams]
   (一)课程总学分52学分 其中:
      (I) A total of 52 course credits, including:
       1. Compulsory courses: 24 credits, 3 credits for each course.
       2.选修课:12学分。每门课10学时, 每学时50分钟,每门课自修30学时。
       2. Optional courses: 12 credits, 10 class hours for each course, 50 minutes for each class hour and 30 class hours for each course subject to self-study.
       3. Thesis: 16 credits.
      (II) Performance evaluation
       1.成绩所占比例:课堂40%; 作业30%; 考核30%。
       1. The proportion of performance: 40% for class; 30% for homework; 30% for evaluation.
       2.成绩评核标准:成绩及格--60%;成绩良好61% - 80%;成绩优异81 - 100%。
       2. Performance evaluation criteria: pass: 60%; good: 61% - 80%; excellent: 81 - 100%.
       3. Failure: a make-up exam can be taken; in the case of failing the first make-up exam, the course can be applied to be re-taken.

【学制】 1.5-2.5年,学员修满规定的学分后,可申请HKAC毕业论文答辩。
[Length of Schooling] 1.5-2.5 years, after students have earned the required credits, they can apply for HKAC graduation thesis defense.

[Thesis Stage]: EMBA thesis writing and defense.

[Teaching Arrangements]
       Centralized face-to-face instruction: Classes are arranged on weekends and evenings every month. In principle, teaching of one course should be completed every month. Foreign professors will give classes with the assistance of professional English teachers in class.

提供单位:  HKAC办公、HKAC上海教学中心
Provided by: HKAC Office, HKAC Shanghai Teaching Center